Monday, February 11, 2008

Only eBay Blog is on Notice!

Dear Diary,
It's been one of those days. I've been having mood swings lately, and today is no exception. This morning I was surfing the web, reading up on the latest eBay chatter out there in the blogosphere and I stopped by the Only eBay blog. I thought I'd leave a message, thanking the author for all his service pumping eBay and spreading the eBay gospel to the world, so I did - a minute gesture of thanks for all the help and support. I went back to the blog later, for a reason I will come to in a moment, and my comment was gone. At first I was a bit saddened, then that grew into anger, and now I am furious!

Nobody censors me! I AM THE CENSOR!

So Diary, I'm putting the Only eBay blog and its author on notice! He'd better watch his step, eBay Inc. is a fickle shrew and can turn on even the most loyal of defenders in a split second (just ask Ina Steiner!). Spurn me again Only eBay and you will feel the consequences. I'll drain your affiliate account so fast your geeky little head will spin. I don't care if you have half a million invested in eBay, this is my turf and you abide by my rules!


ng2000 said...

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