Thursday, November 15, 2007

eBay Inc. What the Fuck, What the Fuck, What the Fuck!!!??!?!?!?!?

I would simply sigh if I were an outsider looking in to the horror show that eBay has become.

I would shrug my shoulders, wondering where it all went wrong.

I would guess at the causation for the decline in value, and the reasons why the stock can't move.

I would read the news, the reports, the analysts ramblings (those clueless motherfuckers!!!! cunts and bastards, god damn them all to the fiery pits of fucking hell where they all belong!)... I sip my coffee, and check the rest of the day's news.

I would wonder - as an outsider - why the share have declined almost ten points in a matter of weeks.

I would wonder - as an SEC investigator - "Is this the next Enron?"

I would pay my bill like a good little drone.

I would list more items like a good little drone.

I would sell less a good little drone - with lower ASP's.... a good fucking fucker little drone (mother fucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

I would see the turmoil the sub-prime lending market has caused!

I would sure-as-fuck notice the fucking increase in the fucking gas prices!!!

I would see the increase, and see the god damn bills on my desk --------


I would sell my belongings

I would sell my kidneys

I would sell my children

I would sell my god-forsaken-self-hating-mutilated-by-inbreeding-and-self-deprecation soul

I would sell my fake Tiffany lamp

I would run a fishing scam

(Vladuz, if you're out there, I want you, I want you more than I can express in my moment of clarity and openness, I want you inside of me, I want you to take me, release me and break me, hurt me and scar me - you know my email, use it, I need it)

I would sell my everything

I would sell it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sell it all fucking all!!!!

I would click refresh...........praying for a bid.

I would click refresh again...........where are the fucking bids?


What the hell is happening?

I can't be this naive

this insecure

this sore

this hopeless

this lonesome

this pathetic



I'm not a fucking drone

I'm not a fucking worker bee


Must regroup!

Must reconnect!!

Repeat to self "I've just made $60 million dollars in less than two weeks."

"I've just made $60 million dollars in less than two weeks."

"I've just made $60 million dollars in less than two weeks."

"I've just made $60 million dollars in less than two weeks."

"I've just made $60 million dollars in less than two weeks."

"I've just made $60 million dollars in less than two weeks."




....ahhhh, now I feel better

That's right cock-sucking-motherfuckers!!!

Screw you ALL!


Aha, ha ha, LOL, Kekekekeke!

Checkmate sellers

Checkmate buyers

Checkmate stock holders

Checkmate mother fuckers!

I'm filthy rich.

So what? I filed to sell more shares at the end of December?

So what? I filed to sell more share at the beginning of January?

So fucking what?

So what if the stock tanks to $12 per share?

Who cares?

not me i already have $250,000,000 in the bank thanks to the clueless empty headed drones that list items on MY site and thanks to the greedy bastards on wall street that pump and dump MY stock on a daily basis those lousy wastes of organic material those fucking day traders those parasites

I'm wasted

I don't care anymore

I don't give a SHIT

a flying SHIT


I d o n ' t c a r e

I'm truly sorry you had to view this outburst, I really am. I apologize and hope you won't hold it against me (and I hope you won't tell Mitt about my foul language). I've got a bottle of vodka tucked back in the back of the cabinet and a pack of cigarettes I confiscated from the kid a few years back...I'm going to drink a little, smoke a little and remember....

whatever happens, who give a flying fuck? I've already made my millions. I'm set for life.

Fuck the rest of you!

Fuck you


Anonymous said...

Meg, Come to papa for you need a good spanking. xoxo, Vladiepoo

momomo said...

Oh Meg, I don't care what any of those stupid ole power sellers think of me you are an inspiration. I wwhanna grow up to be a blood suckin vampire just like you. psychopaths rock!!!!